Heights of Knowledge

This is a small old story, once told by my physics lecturer when I was in my plus 2. But it has a wonderful moral that one cannot measure the heights of knowledge as knowledge is unlimited!!
The stroy goes like this…

One fine evening, a man was standing on the beach staring at the floating waves. Suddenly he recognized a well known personality walking on the shore far by. He is none other than the great scientist, Newton. So he immediately ran to him and started praising him that he is the best and the knowledge possessed by him is unending. Newton, as laconic as many great personalities, waited till the other person stopped. Then, with a small smile on his face, took a handful of sand and said, “Dear, Let the knowledge be the sand. The knowledge I possess is handful. But the knowledge that is present in this universe is as much as the sand present on this shore”. Saying this, he slowly walked away from him.

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