Quick Intro on OAF for a beginner :

Oracle Applications Framework (OA Framework) is the Oracle Applications development and deployment platform for HTML-based business applications. This J2EE based Framework is designed around the popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern.
The Model, which contains the business logic, is implemented using the BC4J (Oracle Business Components for Java).
The View, which contains the user interface, is implemented using the UI XML(UIX).
The Controller, which handles the user interactions, is a simple pure Java class.

The Model consists of BC4J objects like View Objects (VOs) , Entity Objects (EOs), View Links (VLs, that link the view objects), and Association Objects(AOs, that link the Entity Objects).
An Application Module (AM) serves as a container for the BC4J objects.
The OADBTransaction provided by the root Application Module takes care of the JDBC Connection/database session and performs the transactions related to the Entity Objects.

Each table should have one and only one Entity Object. There can be any number of View Objects based on an Entity Object. Pulling (selecting) data from database can be done with View Objects alone. Pushing (inserting/updating/deleting) data into database requires Entity Objects as well.

The best part of Oracle Applcation Framework is that it is completely wizard based. The page design is completely based on the wizards available in the JDevelepor IDE so that the developer need not worry about the HTML designing.
All the BC4J objects also can be created through the wizards and their code is auto generated allowing the user to purely concentrate on the business logic.

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5 Responses to Quick Intro on OAF for a beginner :

  1. Roopa says:

    Hi Sowji,
    Gr8 work.
    got to see just today.:)

  2. nikhil says:

    hi Sowjanyaa,

    i thought this is best answer for me…

    thanx a lot ..

  3. Shreyas says:

    Thanks sowjanya its really helpful for the beginner….it helped me a lot to understand the concept…..

  4. basha says:

    hai………..i want some oaf resums ….
    please help me……buddies

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