These are the questions recently asked in a pre-screening test for candidates around 1-3 yrs experience.


Ø      Are primitive types passed by value or passed by reference?

      Ø      How do you call a constructor of super class?

Ø      Which method is called before garbage collecting an object?

Ø      Name few Methods in Object class.

Ø      Two ways of implementing a Thread

Ø      In Hashtable or HashMap, what happens when you create two objects with same index?

Ø      How do you loop through a collection in Java

Ø      What is the default value of Boolean

Ø      What are new features of JAVA 5?



Ø      Difference between forward and sendRedirect in JSP

Ø      Name few implicit objects in JSP



Ø      How do you create an object in javascript?

Ø      In javascript, how do you close a window?

Ø      What are the technologies involved in AJAX?

Ø      Name some frameworks for javascript

Ø      What is an IFRAME?



Ø      Types of XML parsers?


Aptitute :

Ø     10 people do handshake with each other after a meeting. Total how many handshakes?

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