Tips for displaying the bar chart :

Ø      To get the Legend Area below the graph rather than beside the graph :

<LegendArea automaticPlacement=”AP_NEVER” position=”LAP_BOTTOM”/>


Ø      To make the size of legend text/tick labels proportional to graph :

<LegendText  fontSizeAbsolute=”false”/>

<O1TickLabel fontSizeAbsolute=”false”/>

<Y1TickLabel fontSizeAbsolute=”false”/>


Ø      To give custom colors to series items (vertical bars)


<Series id=”0″ markerType=”MT_BAR” color=”#993366″/>

<Series id=”1″ markerType=”MT_BAR” color=”#FFFFCC”/>

<Series id=”2″ markerType=”MT_BAR” color=”#CCFFFF”/>



Ø      To extend the major tick outside the plot area

<Y1MajorTick lineColor=”#000000″ tickStyle=”GS_EXTENDED”/>


Ø      To show the major tick mark only outside the plot area and not inside

<O1MajorTick visible=”true”  lineColor=”#000000″ tickStyle=”GS_OUT”/>


Ø      To fill the plot area with a custom color

<PlotArea fillColor=”#C0C0C0″/>


Ø      If the numbers on y-axis are abbreviated like 2M or 2000K instead of 2,000,000 then use the following to remove abbreviation


<ViewFormat scaleFactorUsed=”true” scaleFactor=”SCALEFACTOR_NONE” />



Ø      Using if statement and sort conditions


<xsl:for-each select=”.//G_CONTRIBUTION_SUMMARY“>

<xsl:sort select=”YEAR“/>

<xsl:if test=”YEAR != ‘past years'”>

<Label><xsl:value-of select=”YEAR“/></Label>



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2 Responses to Tips for displaying the bar chart :

  1. Purnachandra says:

    This is Purnachandra working on OAF, have a doubt on how to rollback the substitutions uploaded to the database.

    Rgds / Purna

    • Sowjanya Bhupathiraju says:

      Hi Purna,

      You can either do it using functional administrator.
      or use jdr_utils.deleteDocument procedure.

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