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Brief Intro on cMRO

cMRO, which stands for complex Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul, is an Oracle’s solution to Aerospace and Defense industries for simplifying the complex fleet maintenance jobs. It is provided as a module within the E-Business Suite and integrated with many other modules like procurement, HRMS, … Continue reading

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Improving Performance of a HGrid

Most of the pages in OAF which contain HGrid face performance issue. This is mainly because the view link query gets executed multiple times recursively. So depending on the complexity of the view link query, the performance of the page gets … Continue reading

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How to display HTML in content (OAF)

Problem 1 : Some data in database has multiple spaces between words. But when that is rendered on page using message styled text, the multiple spaces between the words are trimmed to single space by default. But you want the … Continue reading

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