Brief Intro on cMRO

cMRO, which stands for complex Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul, is an Oracle’s solution to Aerospace and Defense industries for simplifying the complex fleet maintenance jobs. It is provided as a module within the E-Business Suite and integrated with many other modules like procurement, HRMS, projects, inventory, purchasing etc.

It has 4 key modules :

Configuration Management, Engineering, Maintenance Planning and Maintenance Execution.  In addition to these, Administration module is used to create set ups and approval rules.

Configuration Management : Configuration Mgmt is used to create and maintain Master Configurations, and unit configurations which are based on master configurations. Units can also be classified into groups based on common attributes.

Engineering : Engineering is used to establish complete maintenance requirements along with complete documentation.

Maintenance Planning : This is used to forecast and plan maintenance requirements and other activities. The main goal of  planning is to minimize the down time or on ground time of any aircraft.

Maintenace Execution : Here is where the actual execution of all scheduled,unscheduled and overhaul maintenance activities happen.

Keep watching this blog for more detailed information on cMRO and its modules.

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