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Setup for Calling Webservices from Oracle 11g database

Last weekend, I had a tough time trying to call some webservices from my oracle 11g database. I tried loading all the required jars from my jdev into the database, but still things did not work. Finally I found … Continue reading

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ADF Debugging : How to add custom log messages using adflogger

This post lists the steps to implement Logging in an ADF Application. In this example, we use the ADFLogger utility to log messages to a custom file in weblogic server Step 1 : ADFLogger configuration should be done in logging.xml … Continue reading

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ADF Table : disable reordering of columns

Q : How to disable reordering of columns in table A: ADF table has many user friendly features like detaching the table, viewing or hiding columns, reordering table columns by just drag and drop etc. Though these features are excellent, … Continue reading

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