Wanna Know me ??

A Technocrat in the software industry, I am an OAF and ADF  Technical Consultant having 7 years of experience. My expertise is in Oracle OAF and ADF technologies. Technology always fascinates me. Browsing websites is my favorite pass time. Being Beyond what is called ‘Beyond’ is my motto of life.

Wanna posses a wonderful blog site that would help everyone and that’s why I am here. Hope you would like this site.

15 Responses to Wanna Know me ??

  1. Srinivas says:

    I was serching for OA framework material, came across this blog, nice to see the effort put from you.

    Hoping to see much information when i visit this again.

  2. Sowjanya says:

    thanks Srinivas.
    Right now the info provided is far less.
    But surely will provide more info as you suggested.


  3. Anto says:

    Hi Sowjanya,

    2 years back i got a opportunity to work on a OAF project. Unfortunately i missed out. From that time to past 2 weeks before many time i have developed Hello World page. 🙂

    Yesterday i was happy, that i have registered my first read only OAF page in apps and now its in PROD.

    Today i just jumped to next level to manipulation. So for some question i googleit and find this blog. Really Nice Effort. Please keep blogging about this technology.

    Thank You and Appreciated work.

  4. Sudha says:


    Its a fabulous work, good handy site with collections of wide varieties of new technologies. Hope would see much more on Fusion technologies SOA,BPEL…

  5. Maheeba says:

    Nice blog.Keep on posting new updates…

  6. Thomas says:

    Im working on OAF and looking for some inputs regards to Hgrid.any sample or step by step.OAF tutorials is very basic.Please let me know you can help me on this?

    • Sowjanya Bhupathiraju says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Unfortunately I dont have any EBS instance availble so I cant give you step by step demo for creating HGrid. So I am listing out the following points to be kept in mind when creating HGrid. hope this helps.

      1. HGrid is used to show Parent-Child data in a tree structure. So, as part of model layer, you must a Parent VO for getting parent data and a Child VO for getting child data. The attributes you want to display in your HGrid must be present both in parent VO and Child VO. (Note :you can use same VO as both parent and child if the parent child data is coming from same table like hr_all_organiation_units or by using connect by prior clause to get parent child data in same query).
      2. Now that you have a parent vo and a child vo, create a view link between them.
      3. Move parent VO to AM. Move child VO under the parent vo in AM via the created view link.
      4. While executing the query to get data in your hgrid, you must execute only the parent vo and not the child vo. in case your parent and child vo is same, execute the query in such a way that it queries only the top nodes (ex: only those records with parent_id is null)
      5.create a region with region style as hgrid.
      6. Create a tree under hgrid. right click on members node and click new–>child Node. So you will be seeing nodeDef1 and childNode1 as members of your tree.
      7. For NodeDef1 item, set View instance to parent view instance and attribute to corresponding view attribute that should be shown as hierarchy node .
      8. For ChildNode, give view accessor name same as the child accessor name which appears when creating a view link. double click the view link, and go to view link properties. on destination side you can see a field called accessor name. copy the value and paste it as view accessor name in this child node.
      9.For childNode, set the accessor node attribute to the fully qualified id of the current tree RN. ex : /oaf/oracle/apps/hgrid//webui/HgridPG.TreeRN
      10. right click on hgrid and create new items for other columns in the table.

      Dont forget to execute the parent vo to fetch only the root nodes (parent id is null) during initial render.
      run and test your hgrid.

      hope this helps.

  7. Danish says:

    hi Sowjanya,

    Is it possible for you to provide screenshots as well since I am facing lot of issues in creating a hGrid especially while creating the view link. Please do respond as i need this urgently.
    You can drop me a mail on: danuzafar19@gmail.com

    Warm Regards,

    • Sowjanya Bhupathiraju says:

      Hi Danish,

      Unfortunately I dont have any apps instance available right now to work and take screen shots.
      So I cant give them right now.
      Sorry for that.
      Let me know specifically the issue you are facing so that I will see if I can help.

  8. Hi Sowjanya,
    the info about HGRID was very informative.

    need some help on the below requirement.

    Ex : Mater Table, Child Table

    In the master table : user selects the DeptID, DeptName, Location.
    all the corresponding employees under it should be displayed in the child region.
    User should be allowed to change the DeptID or other details in the master region.
    User should be allowed to click on : AddAnotherRow to enter the new Row..and select the dept details.

    Please provide some suggstion for the above requirement.

    You can reach me @ sridhar.yerram@gmail.com


  9. yerram says:

    Hi Sowjanya,

    your article about HGRID was very informative.

    I have a requirement like this :

    TableRegion–> User clicks on AddRow
    1.Master Data–> User selects the DeptNo,Location
    2. ChildData–> All employees under the above selected dept no should be displayed.

    User should be allowed to insert/delete/change the rows.

    Please provide your suggestions.

    you can reach me@ : sridhar.yerram@gmail.com

  10. your explanation on HGrid was so informative. thanks.

  11. Hi Sowjanya,

    i have a requirement to insert data in the HGrid..at 3 levels.

    Like :
    —— Child
    ———————Sub Child..

    Please let me know how to implement it..


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