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How to fetch a bean in Advanced Search Panel

Normally, when we want to get handle of any bean in the page , we use webBean.findChildRecursive(“<id of bean>”) method. But to get handle of a criteria bean in advanced search panel, this will not work. Example, lets say we … Continue reading

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Migrating Personalization from one instance to another.

Post Courtesy : Satya Roopa Madhuri G Moving Personalizations

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Improving Performance of a HGrid

Most of the pages in OAF which contain HGrid face performance issue. This is mainly because the view link query gets executed multiple times recursively. So depending on the complexity of the view link query, the performance of the page gets … Continue reading

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How to display HTML in content (OAF)

Problem 1 : Some data in database has multiple spaces between words. But when that is rendered on page using message styled text, the multiple spaces between the words are trimmed to single space by default. But you want the … Continue reading

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How to make attachments mandatory?

Scenario : A Page consists of an item with style attachmentLink which provides standard functionality for attachments. And during page submit, you need to check whether any attachments exist or not and throw an error if there is no attachment. … Continue reading

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How to avoid Integration Problems in OAF???

Identify an owner for each component or module. – The Integrator! Responsibilitites of an integrator : Be a single point of contact to do the following : Integrate Test Deploy Maintain code Versions     Proper documentation can reduce integration … Continue reading

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Starting a new module/applciation?? Follow the following steps!!

Developers often fall in a dilemma where to start and how to start, when asked to develop an OAF application/module from scratch. Here are few guidelines which can make the developer’s work easier and help to build it faster. Note : … Continue reading

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OA Framework Best Practices

Ø      AM Retention : Retaining the AM where not required, Not retaining it wherever required – both are dangerous!!             The AM should be retained whenever you are navigating away from a page and when you know that there is a … Continue reading

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OA Framework – Few code snippets

Ø      Code for Disabling Global Buttons  (in process request)    OAPageLayoutBean page = (OAPageLayoutBean)pageContext.getPageLayoutBean();        page.prepareForRendering(pageContext);         OAGlobalButtonBarBean buttons = (OAGlobalButtonBarBean)page.getGlobalButtons();        buttons.setRendered(false);  Ø      Code for Setting Initial Focus on a field (in process request)  import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.OABodyBean; … OABodyBean oabean = (OABodyBean)pageContext.getRootWebBean(); … Continue reading

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Quick Intro on OAF for a beginner :

Oracle Applications Framework (OA Framework) is the Oracle Applications development and deployment platform for HTML-based business applications. This J2EE based Framework is designed around the popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. The Model, which contains the business logic, is implemented using … Continue reading

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